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Spectral is seeking a (energy control) systems integration developer to join our software team. You will work closely with data scientists, software developers and control systems engineers on integrating robust control systems to optimise energy assets such as renewable energy power plants and storage systems.

An example project that you could be working on:

Energy control system – this enables intelligent management of grid networks, distributed energy resources (DERs) and energy storage. The platform enables many DERs to be aggregated into a virtual power plant which can be deployed for provision of energy services, such as frequency regulation. The total platform includes numerous components, such as: embedded energy management systems, M2M communication interfaces, advanced control and optimization algorithms, physical / cyber security systems, user interfaces (both embedded and cloud-based), sensors and measurement systems.

Your tasks might include:

developing control and data logging interfaces for cloud-based control and monitoring (e.g. for smart appliances within a microgrid)
liaising with our power systems engineers on designing and implementing local-level controllers (e.g. for wind farms in combination with large-scale energy storage)
supporting our engineers in designing Energy Management Systems (e.g. designing and implementing low-level control for a microgrid or smart building EMS)

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