Portfolio Spotlight Projects

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HEAMGEN, Inc. has developed a patented, disruptive technology to manufacture O-Negative Red Blood Cells (RBCs) from Stem Cells. This technology will ensure the blood supply chain resiliency in that blood and blood products remain safe and available for patients, both in the military community and the civilian medical sphere, especially in terms of sourcing, storage and distribution.


YooNoon foresees a great potential in converting what is today considered waste into a sustainable source of nutrition, while empowering the local suburban communities in e.g. Africa

Cassava is the 3rdmost important crop worldwide The root constitutes the daily food for 800 million people living in the tropical zone (annual consumption of 150+ kg per capita); however the root is poor in nutrition and is used mainly to achieve satiety

WES Inc.

Wormser Energy Solutions (WES) is a technology development company which has developed a low-cost, all-steam system for gasifying coal, producing clean hydrogen, and capturing carbon dioxide. The system has the potential to be a climate game-changer by boosting the efficiency and dramatically cutting the cost of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) from coal. Lack of affordable CCS is one of the biggest barriers to limiting the world’s CO2 emissions and fighting global climate change.


Exoskeleton – A wearable robot that helps you enjoy more of your favorite sport and leisure activity. Empower your experience and enjoy your activities more and longer.

  • The most advanced technology to enhance your experience

  • Helps improve control 

  • Allows you to climb and descend difficult terrain

  • Supports your weight, feel lighter

  • Be more powerful 

  • Increase your security

  • Protect your knees


Our vision is to develop the world’s first biomarker for autoimmunity, allowing us to identify individuals who are heading toward autoimmunity and put them on the path to circumvent the years of suffering and expense that awaits them. Through early intervention, we believe that we can lower the cost curve of healthcare in this country which benefits everyone across the board.

Green Chi Academy

Green Chi Academy provides investment education in a fun, gamified format, curriculum, and community, fostering investments guided by sustainable development goals (SDGs). We have developed proprietary investment apps, tools and content. As part of the Green Chi investment, education and media platform, our community will bring together students, investors, corporations, startups and governments to support innovation. 

Gogoa Clinics

At Gogoa Mobility Robots our mission is to develop affordable and effective wearable solutions to help humans increase capacity for movement. From neck, shoulder and lumbar support in industrial ergonomics, to health-related critical challenges our bio-mechanical experts create wearable robotics that support human movement. Gogoa’s award winning “Assist-As-Needed”​ (AAN) control technology adapts to different human movements. AAN transforms the internal intention to move into actual movement. Our exoskeletons are used in physical rehabilitation and in manufacturing to increase movement capacity for workers and prevent injuries.


Gamified technology with AI driven assessment and analysis. A combination of immersive, cutting edge technology with activating and educational content makes learning happen while having fun! Interactive stories with creatively used features of Computer vision and gamification. Enables long-term scientific research on individual, national or global skill development of children at early ages.

Physical activity during childhood creates a foundation for future health, learning skills and even self- esteem of our sons and daughters. Various sport scientific studies prove that physically active lifestyle, which is learned early in childhood, sets a course for life.


ReHabla offers innovative treatments for speech therapists. Automated speech analysis using proprietary AI technology eliminates subjectivity inherent in standard and intensive protocols and permits constant and continuous evaluation – improving quality of results without additional staff commitment. ReHabla provides data to the therapist over the cloud, allowing the patient to continue their therapy at home where performance can be evaluated, modified and/or assigned new exercises through the platform.

ReHabla is principally oriented towards patients with problems of dysarthria, dyslalia and prosody.

Launched in Spanish, ReHabla will be made available in English and other languages.

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