Reducing plastic waste in the Americas – Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns

Brazil & Colombia


English, Spanish, Portuguese

Tender phase

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The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the EU’s leading role in the transition to the plastics of the future and to contribute to more competitive resilient plastics and recycling industries. The action will contribute for the EU to reach its global climate commitments and industrial policy objectives, by supporting the international aspects of the EU Plastic Strategy in the Americas Region.

Results to be achieved:

  • Result 1. Basis for relevant EU policy dialogues concerning plastic production and management are enhanced.
  • Result 2. Implementation of waste hierarchy, extended producer responsibility and deposit return schemes for plastic products and plastic waste is supported.
  • Result 3. Activities for sustainable consumption and production of plastic are implemented.
  • Result 4. Green procurement policies, processes and cooperation are strengthened.
  • Result 5. Awareness of public authorities and consumers about sustainable consumption and production of plastic and impacts on the environment is increased.


Looking for 2 experts: a Programme coordinator and an Expert in Circular Economy. See details on the company website. Interested, contact